Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Music: (About) 100 Words on Il Bello Del Jazz by Roberto Magris Europlane

Roberto Magris Europlane featuring Herb Geller
Il Bello Del Jazz
Soul Note

Roberto Magris Europlane has already made it onto this radar with Check-In, a fine 2005 sextet recording. He returns with alto saxophonist Herb Geller for a nominal quartet/quintet date of 11 standards and originals. The standard "Some Other Spring" is a very fine duet between leader and special guest, offering each that most intimate of formats to express their respective musicianship. Geller's "Stray Form" and "Deception" are highlights as are Magris' title tune and "Parker's Pen," the latter a swift bit of Be Bop. The Soul Note recording has superb sound. Magris' piano is perfectly balanced as it Geller's dry alto sound. Il Bello Del Jazz is a fine jazz recording all around.

Track Listing:

No Sadness; Stray Form; Some Other Spring; Key Largo; A New Town is a Blue Town; Here I’ll Stay; Ah Moore; Il Bello del Jazz; Pretty Woman; Parker’s Pen; Deception.


Roberto Magris: piano; Rudi Engel: bass; Gabriele Centis: drums; Herb Geller: alto saxophone; Darko Jurkovic: guitar.

© Copyright, C. Michael Bailey, 2006