Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sports: Arkansas Razorback Football: Thumbs Up and Down (Mostly the Latter)

Sports again? Yes I am writing about sports again, though, in that, I think it would be most clear if I stated that I am merely an observer of things I have no stake in. I avidly watch my 12-year-old son play sports and have done a bit of general management at the preadolescent level, that alone qualifying me to address the more mundane issues of parent-coach interactions.

In that spirit, I am assigning arrows to the principle participants in the Fayetteville Cluster F**K of the past several months.

The only thumbs up of the whole damn bunch goes to Gus Malzahn, who departed Arkansas with great grace and face. If it is true that bully Reggie Herring and the other coaches called Malzahn "High School," Then his departure is all that much more graceful. Good Luck, Coach.

Houston Dale Nutt: The Arkansas Head Coach is in a terrible position - trying to please Frank Broyles, Arkansas Fans, and The Springdale Culture Club, all who have vastly different agendas. Nutt remembers from where he came, from a sport dynasty family where he and his brothers had photons of sunshine blown up their asses.

Frank Broyles: Broyles may well be the most well-known and appreciated personality in college football. He earned it. But well into his eighties, his judgement is slipping if his grip on the program is not. It is time to for Broyles to retire, but fat chance - he means too much money to the University.

Mitch Mustain: the high school wonder boy is still a pussy letting his mother speak for him. It is bad enough for a coach to have to put up with such shit at the adolescent, pre-high school level as is common in my part of the country. Mustain's mother has done her sire no favors.

© Copyright, C. Michael Bailey, 2007