Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Media: (About) 100 Words on Faith in K-Fed

Country Singer Faith Hill beautifully revealed her inner self when prepared to receive the American Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year when she abruptly discovered that it was instead given to the talentless American Idol tart Carrie Underwood. I ask you, gentle reader, is this the face of a well balanced individual? I suspect not. This is not the pastoral country music matriarch holding hands with Tim McGraw in the pages of People Magazine. This is a sore looser. Ms. Hill has one thing in her favor, however. She has light years more talent than the recently deposed Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline.

Speaking of K-Fed: Let's review, briefly, the accomplishments of Mr. Federline. He managed to knock-up a successful bit of Louisiana White Trash, not once, but twice. He and his country bride proved in spades that all the money in the world will never make up for poor taste (I cite Elvis Presley and Hank Williams, Sr.). And, Mr. Federline exists as the poster child for cultural attention deficit hyperactivity disorder by not stopping spending money long enough to consider the historic fact that Vanilla Ice was a fraud from start to finish and not exactly the artist to emulate and, at the same time, that he (Mr. Federline) could never hope to either possess the talent or achieve the fame of Eminem as a rapper, an artist, a songwriter, a musical impresario.