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Music: (About) 100 Words on Ludwig van Beethoven - the Piano Sonatas, Volume 2: Opp 10 & 13

Ludwig van Beethoven
The Piano Sonatas, Volume 2 , Opp 10 & 13
Andras Schiff
ECM New Series 1942

Andras Schiff continues his Zurich Tonhalle series performing chronologically Beethoven's piano sonatas. Presented here are the four sonatas making up the Master's opp. 10 & 13, including a musclar and nuanced "Pathetique." Schiff continues to benefit from his Mozart and Haydn experiences with classically restrained performances of the C minor, F major, D major (op. 10/1-3), and C minor (op.13) sonatas. the Pianist's approach is studied and informed, infused with Beethoven's personality, warmth, and genius. Again, the sonics are superb, revealing the rumbling undercurrents always present in Beethoven's music and illuminating the composer's drive for evolution and realization.

Track Listing:

Three Sonatas op. 10: Dedicated to Countess Anna Margarete von Browne - Sonata No. 5 c minor op. 10/1 (?1795-7) - Allegro molto e con brio, Adagio molto, Finale. Prestissimo; Sonata No. 6 F major op. 10/2 (1796-7) – Allegro, Allegretto, Presto; Sonata No. 7 D major op. 10/3 (1797-8) – Presto, Largo e mesto, Menuetto. Allegretto, Rondo. Allegro; Sonata No. 8 c minor op. 13 “Pathétique” (1797-8): Dedicated to Prince Carl von Lichnowsky - Grave. Allegro molto e con brio, Adagio cantabile, Rondo. Allegro.

Andras Schiff: piano.

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