Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Media: (About) 100 Words on John Mark Karr

I am unsure who is the most mentally ill. Could it be John Mark Karr, the unemployed teacher pederast who pathologically inserted himself into the most notorious cold case of the last 50 years? Or is it the Boulder, Colorado Prosecutorial Establishment who swallowed a carefully crafted turd whole when they could have avoided the embarrassment by simply checking the public record? The Boulder Prosecutors couldn’t close a door if it was on a spring. Perhaps it is the media at large, who collectively had the biggest circle jerk since a fat Polish girl performed fellatio on an elected official (and like the Boulder Prosecutors, didn't check the public record either)? Or, maybe it is media whore University of Colorado journalism professor Michael Tracey, coyly hiding emails from Karr that turned out so be so much broken wind. This is the most pathetic 15-minutes of fame anyone can have. Give it a rest and call in the Feds; the local boys have their hands in their pants.

© Copyright, C. Michael Bailey, 2006